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TundraBall Fantasy Football is a full-featured league management service with all the great features you've come to know and love plus lots of unique things you won't find anywhere else. TundraBall charges a one-time fee of $50.00 per league per season. The league fee is not due until the start of the third week of games, which gives you two full weeks of the NFL season to try us out without any obligation!

See our Features below and start your league today!

  • Head-to-Head and Total Points Playoff Formats
    TundraBall offers two great playoff formats: Total Points and Head-to-Head, with several different playoff scheduling options available.

  • Private League Message Board
    In addition to using real-time chat rooms and email messaging to stay in touch with the teams in your league, you can post messages on your own private league message board.

  • Easier League Creation for Returning Commissioners
    We can make it easier for you to get your season started by applying your league settings, roster, teams and rules from the previous season. Just choose to copy the settings from one of your past leagues instead of starting from scratch on the New League Creation page.

  • Live Scoring
    Watch as your players' stats and scores are updated instantly during live NFL games.

  • Optional Mock Bets
    You will have the opportunity to place weekly wagers between teams within your league by using the credits added to your account by your league commissioner. Learn more here.

  • Personal Accounts
    This feature takes the fantasy football experience beyond the thrill of tracking your own team's progress. By managing the credits in your personal account, you will be able to make weekly wagers or apply the credits to a trade offer. As bets are made, your commissioner will be responsible for adding to or removing credits from your personal account. Learn more here.

  • Prize Schedule
    The league commissioner can configure the amount of credits that should be added to each team's account for prizes such as weekly wins, weekly high points, division winner, SuperBowl winner, ScrubBowl winner, ProBowl winner, and more. Learn more here.

  • Customizable Scoring System (with optional DECIMALS)
    The league commissioner can create a scoring system that exactly matches your league's needs with our easy-to-use scoring system builder. If you prefer, you can choose from scoring systems provided by TundraBall and other leagues.

  • Custom Transaction Fees
    The league commissioner can setup custom fees to charge when a team adds a free-agent or trades players with other teams. The credits taken from the teams' accounts for each transaction are placed in your league's account.

  • Trade Picks While Drafting
    TundraBall allows for draft pick trading, so you can trade your high pre-season draft pick position for another team's later round picks.

  • Year Round News
    For those football enthusiasts, we have incorporated year round news feeds from across the internet so you can stay informed about all of the latest NFL news.

  • Completely Customizable Leagues
  • Live Drafts
  • Head-to-Head Regular Season Matchups
  • Unlimited Roster Adds/Drops
  • Unlimited Trades
  • Superbowl/Scrubbowl Playoff System
  • Unique ProBowl Format for Continued Fantasy Football Play During The NFL Postseason
  • Absolutely No Popups
  • Individual Owner Profiles
  • Clean, Streamlined Interface

    ...and much, much more