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Pro Bowl

In other fantasy football leagues, you'd be done once the NFL regular season is complete. Not with TundraBall Fantasy Football. We've developed a special Pro Bowl playoff system that allows you to continue with the excitement through the entire NFL playoffs.

Here's how it works:

Each week your team starts with an empty roster. You will then fill your starting roster using any of the NFL players whose NFL team is still playing (or not on a bye). There are no bench players during the Pro Bowl. You can add and drop players as often as you want during the week leading up to the posted NFL game times. As teams are eliminated from the NFL playoffs, the field of available players diminishes.

The same player can be owned by more than one team. In fact, this is very common when the number of remaining NFL teams gets small. In order to help minimize the possibility of duplicate rosters and scores, you then assign bonus "multipliers" to some of your drafted players. There are five multipliers available for you to assign to five of your players (50%, 40%, 30%, 20% and 10%). These multiplers add a bonus amount to the actual points scored to come up with an adjusted point total for that player. For example, if you assigned the 50% multiplier to your RB and he ended up scoring 50 points, his adjusted total for that week would be 75 points.

This is where the real coaching decisions are made. It's completely up to the team owner where to place each of the five multipliers. An example roster may be:

POSPlayer NameMultiplier
QBMichael Vick50%
RBRicky Williams40%
RBDeuce McAllisterNone
WRDavid Boston10%
WRRandy Moss20%
TEFrank WycheckNone
KAdam Vinatieri30%
DTampa Bay BuccaneersNone

If Michael Vick scores 50 points, then his adjusted score after applying his 50% multiplier would be 75 points.

As seen in the example below, a team's weekly scores throughout the Pro Bowl are accumulated together and the team with the most total Pro Bowl points wins the Pro Bowl. The "Scoreboard" link in your league will keep a running total for the total points scored during the Pro Bowl.

Pro Bowl
Team Name Week 17 Week 18 Week 19 Week 20 Week 21 Total Points
Pigskin Titans 162 184 219 232 187 984
Fantasy Giants 145 142 154 208 237 886
Mayhem 120 140 132 218 195 805

Each week, the players and the multipliers assigned to them are hidden from the other team owners until the NFL game starts. Therefore, your weekly coaching decisions will not be revealed to the other teams in your league until each player's NFL game begins.

The length of the Pro Bowl period is determined by the length of your league's Playoffs. It is played for the remainder of the weeks after the Playoffs are complete. For example, if your league commissioner configured your league to run Playoffs through week 17, then the Pro Bowl would be played from Week 18 through Week 21.