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League Bank Account

The League Bank Account is an account that is used to support the Prizes feature. This is an Account where the commissioner adds credits to cover the projected total amount of all the Prizes for the season.

For instance, if your league has defined Prizes whose total projected amount is 625.00c, then the commissioner should add 625.00c to the League Bank Account to cover this amount. Each time a prize is awarded, the amount awarded will be deducted from this account.

League Bank Account is Optional
The League Bank Account is not required - even when using Prizes. If not used, then the balance of that account will simply be a negative number. This is ok since the credits in the account are not a real currency. So, why use the League Bank Account then? Read the next section to find out.

Advantages of Using the League Bank Account
The primary advantage of using the League Bank Account is that the commissioner can create prize amounts that are a percentage of the League Bank Account balance.

For instance, if the Prize's amount for the SuperBowl 1st place team is 50% of League Bank Account, then when this prize is awarded, 50% of the current account balance will be awarded to the SuperBowl winner.

For example, if at the end of the Playoffs, the League Account Balance is 300.00c and the SuperBowl 1st place Prize is 50%, then 150.00c will be removed from the League Bank Account and will be placed in the winning team's account.

Note that the commissioner can add credits to or remove credits from the League Bank Account at any time during the season..