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The Bets feature is provided for entertainment purposes only. Teams participate in bets using credits, which is a completely fictious currency. It is up to the commissioner to manage these mock funds.

TundraBall does NOT collect or distribute any of these mock funds.

Using the credits in your Account, you may create weekly bets between yourself and the other teams in your league.

There are three kinds of bets you can propose:
  1. Head-to-head
    Simple head-to-head bet where the team with the most points wins.

  2. Point Spread
    Point Spread bets apply additional points to one of the team's scores before determining who wins and loses.

  3. Per Point
    Per Point bets pay the winner a certain amount of credits for each point that the winner scored more than the loser.
An exmple of some typical bets would be:

Proposer Submitted To Points Amount Description
Pigskin Titans Shock & Awe Pigskin Titans (+50.0) 200.00c
  • 100.00c by Pigskin Titans
  • 100.00c by Shock & Awe

    Pigskin Titans gets 50 additional points, so Shock & Awe must score 50 points more than Pigskin Titans to win this bet. Otherwise, Pigskin Titans wins.

  • Grid-Iron Warriors Fantasy Giants Even 3.00c per point
  • 100.00c Limit.

    Once this bet is approved, 100.00c will be deducted from each team's account.

  • Shock & Awe Pigskin Titans Even 50.00c
  • 25.00c by Pigskin Titans
  • 25.00c by Shock & Awe