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TundraBall 2020 Situation

In the spirit of full disclosure, we want to inform you of two major factors that will influence the fantasy football season at TundraBall this year:

1) The 2020 NFL football season will hopefully move forward as planned and we'll have a complete season of fantasy football. However, the situation with COVID-19 could easily change if/what the NFL season will look like this year. The current plan for the NFL is limited or no pre-season games and a "normal" regualar season that will start as scheduled. However, as the season progresses, that could quickly change as the state of the pandemic changes. There is no guarantee there will be a full NFL football season.

2) The stat provider we have used for many years is no longer available. We are currently investigating alternatives to determine if they can provide the same level of accuracy and flexibility that we've had in the past. However, any stat provider we choose will be an unknown/untested solution for TundraBall. Therefore, we can not guarantee the same level of accuracty and timeliness simply because this will be a new system and provider. This is compounded by the fact that there will likely be no pre-season NFL football games that we typically use to verify our stat solution is robust and ready for the season. As we learn more about alternate stat providers, we'll keep you informed as best we can.

Because of these two issues, TundraBall is changing our policy for the 2020 season: There will be no charge for any leagues this year. If the season is cancelled midway through due to COVID-19, we don't want to issue partial refunds, etc. Furthermore, since we'll be using a new stat provider, we can't guarantee how stable and reliable it will be. This means we'll do our best to provide accurate real-time stats, but we can't guarantee it at this time. We hope to have a full, complete season of fantasy football but given the uncertainty of this season, we have made this policy change.

You are free to create your leagues and start using TundraBall now. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

-- Tundra Commish
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