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  • Q: How does pre-season drafting work?
    A: Read through the Pre-Season Drafting article.

  • Q: What about player news and updates?
    A: TundraBall's focus is on league management. As part of league management, player health status is provided; however, player news is not. We do provide links to 3rd party news resources.

  • Q: What can the commissioner control?
    A: TundraBall's philosophy is to impose the least amount of artificial restrictions as possible, thus allowing the commissioner the freedom to define and control all aspects of the league.

    The commissioner can:
    1. Add/Drop players for other teams.
    2. Start/Bench players for other teams.
    3. Trade players between teams.
    4. Veto trades between teams.
    5. Veto bets between teams.
    6. Add/Remove credits from team accounts.
    7. Create a custom scoring system.
    8. Determine roster sizes and makeup.
    9. Control regular season match-ups by modifying the distribution of teams in each division.

  • Q: Can I upload a team logo?
    A: Yes. You can either use the built-in logo editor or simply upload your own logo.

  • Q: Can I try TundraBall before I pay for it?
    A: Yes! You may try it absolutely free and without any obligations. Payment will be due before the start of the NFL games week 3 of the season. If you choose not to purchase your league, you don't need to notify us. We will remove all unpurchased leagues after the payment deadline.

  • Q: How do I join a league that someone has created?
    A: When the commissioner creates a league, teams are invited to join via email. When you log into your account, you will see the league name added to your list. If you do not have an account, then the commissioner will send an "invitation" to your email address that will include a temporary password and instructions for accessing your new account. When you log onto TundraBall, you will have access to all of the leagues you belong to.

    Note: Your account is based on your email address. You can belong to multiple leagues using the same email address.

  • Q: Can I create my own league?
    A: Yes. If you have not been invited to join a league, then we encourage you to create a league and invite teams of your own. Create your league here.

  • Q: Are there any other fees other than the signup fee?
    A: No, there's just the one-time fee per league per season.

  • Q: Do you have individual defensive players?
    A: We do not support this feature at this time.

  • Q: Can I do an offline draft and enter the results later?
    A: Yes. If you hold your draft offline, the commissioner may manually enter the results of your draft. Access the Admin section and select the Rosters tab to add the results.

  • Q: I locked my league, and I need to change an owner. How Do I do that?
    A: Contact us here and we will help you out.

  • Q: Why is my defense being penalized for points scored against the offense?
    A: Points scored against a team, either due to the offense or the defense, are counted as part of the total points that the team allowed and are scored accordingly.

    For example: when an interception is returned for a TD, or the special teams score a TD on a punt return, the points are scored against the team even though the defense was not on the field.

  • Q: How do I set up email and text message notifications?
    A: First, log in to TundraBall and then select your team from the list. Once have selected a team, click on the "My Settings" link. From there, you will see an option to set up email notifications. On the following page, you can enter any email address and select what kinds of notifications you would like to receive.

    Note that once you enter an email address, an authorization code will be sent to the entered email. This is to ensure that you are the owner of the receiving notifications. Just enter the code emailed to you and it will be activated.

    If you want to get text messages, there are sample email addresses for most major cell phone carriers. Just substitute in your phone number and follow the same activation procedure.

  • Q: Our league does not allow ties, how can I break a tie?
    A: The commissioner of your league has the ability to add "Adjustment Points" to any roster for any week. Adding a single point to a team's roster will effectively break the tie. This allows your league to use any criteria you wish to break your ties.