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  • FantasyFootball.com - Fantasy news and analysis.

  • Fantasy Football Toolbox - Cheat sheets, draft tips and discussion boards.

  • NFLWeather.com - The only place to receive every weather forecast, updated twice an hour, for every NFL football game

  • Fantasy Football Search - The ultimate free fantasy football information resource and fantasy football search engine.

  • KFFL - NFL, MLB, and Fantasy news.

  • Fantasy Football Cafe - A free cafe site catering to the fantasy football community with news, cheat sheets, sleepers, NFL player rankings, strategy tips and advice, predictions and forums.

  • Fantasy Football Hub - A free comprehensive listing of the most relevant fantasy football sites and resources available on the Net, organized by easy-to-use categories and frequently updated.

  • Fantasy Football Power - The Best Kept Secret To Winning Fantasy Football

  • 4for4 Fantasy Football - Intense and Serious Fantasy Football information to help you craft a winning Fantasy Football season.

  • Fantasy Football Today - Providing updated fantasy football and NFL information for free.

  • Fantasy Football Spiral - Free fantasy football information, including strategies, rankings, articles, predictions, a forum, and more.

  • Sports guys - Sports fans can get their fix here.

  • FootballDocs Fantasy Football - the Docs will get you dialed in on the latest fantasy football player rankings, strategy, advice, and for that answer you just can't seem to find anywhere else...you can even just "Ask the Docs".

  • The Guru Report - The Leader in Fantasy Sports News and Analysis.

  • The Huddle - Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, Rankings and Advice.

  • Fantasy Football Advice - A fantasy football Draft, Trade and line-up analyzer based on actual statistics. Fantasy football Radio, Pod-casts and Wire-less Starter Alerts.