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Weekly Free Agent Pickups

Each week of the regular season there is a period where you will be able to pickup free agents. There are 2 kinds of free agent drafting periods - Ordered drafts and Open drafts.

Ordered Drafts
The Ordered Draft is an optional feature that may be enabled by the commissioner. During the Ordered draft period, each team is assigned a pick position that is based on your current league standings. This is viewable via the "Standings" link on the left-hand side once you log in to your team. The team with the worst league standings gets the first pick that week. Standings are based on the league ranking rules which were defined by your commissioner.

As an alternative option for the Ordered Draft, the commissioner may define that the ordering each week is based off prior drafting activity. This more closely resembles the NFL waiver system where teams that have not picked up a player in the Ordered Draft will be ranked higher. If a team makes a pick in the Ordered Draft, they will be placed at the bottom of the order in the following week. This type of the Ordered Draft is called "Waiver mode".

The Ordered draft occurs once per week. The day and time is defined by the commissioner. Furthermore, the number of rounds in the Ordered Draft is also defined by the commissioner.

NOTE: Since ordered draft placement is based on your league standings, there is NO Ordered Draft during during week 1. If the Ordered Draft continues through the playoffs, and the Ordered Draft is in "Rank" mode, then the order will not change during the playoffs because it is based of the current league standings which do not change in the playoffs.

Open Drafts
Once the Ordered draft is complete, leagues will move to Open Drafting depending on the date specified in the league setup. When in this mode, teams may draft free agents without restriction. That is to say, you may draft as often as you like. Open drafting continues for the remainder of the week, and will continue until the players are locked. When in this mode, you may draft a player at any time as long as he is not locked. Review the player locking policy detailed in the Player Locking article.

Note that during the playoffs, the Open Drafting period will still begin on the day specified by the commissioner in the league's setup even though there is no Ordered Draft period.

During the Pro Bowl, Open Drafting will begin each Tuesday at 9am MST.