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Live Scoring vs. Official Scoring

Due to the nature of live scoring and the timeliness that they're received, there are the following known differences between live scoring and official scoring:

  1. Missed field goals are all scored as 25 yard misses.
  2. The following statistics are not available
    • Special Teams Return Yards ( Punt, Kickoff, and Total )
    • Blocked kicks ( Field Goal, PAT, Punt )
  3. Defensive passing yards allowed are gross yards not net yards, and net yards are what is offically scored on. The net yards are the gross passing yards allowed minus the yards lost due to any sacks caused by the defense. The yardage lost from sacks is not available until official stats.
  4. When an offensive player recovers a fumble and returns it for a Touchdown, it may be credited to the team defense. When official scoring is done this will be corrected by crediting the offensive player with the Touchdown instead of the team defense. Note, however, that the yardage associated with the Touchdown does not count as rushing yardage.
  5. A muffed punt or kick-off that is recovered by the kicking team may or may not be awarded as a fumble recovery.
Note these limitations are only present with live scoring and not in the official scoring.