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Automated Pre-Season Drafting

When you can't gather your entire league in one room for the pre-season draft, we've all seen how long it can take to finish. So, TundraBall Fantasy Football has provided a way for your league to automate all or parts of its pre-season draft.

As you prepare for your pre-season draft, each team should spend some time and fill out their draft queue. This is the list of NFL players that the system uses to choose which players to select when it comes time to choose for a team. When a team enables their auto drafting mode, the first available player in a team's draft queue will be selected.

Automating the entire pre-season draft

If you want to automate your entire pre-season draft, each team will need to enable their auto drafing option and also add enough players to their queue so that the system will have enough players to choose from for all the rounds of the draft.

Once all of the teams have filled out their queue, and have enabled their auto drafting option, the commissioner can execute the pre-season draft by clicking the "Open Drafting" button on the "League Admin" => "Home" screen.

Automating portions of the draft

From time to time, a team is unable to make a timely selection, and they would like to setup a couple of picks so that the draft is not held up on their selection. Well, the same draft queue mechanism can be used to solve this problem. That team should simply add enough entries in its queue so that at least one of the players will be available when it reaches his turn. That team should also enable auto drafting. When it becomes that team's turn, the system will automatically select the first available player from their queue.