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Sunday Night Football begins with Broncos-Colts (The SportsXchange) ( yesterday ) Courtesy of
The first Sunday Night Football game of the 2014 season features the second meeting between Peyton Manning and his former team when the Denver Broncos face the Indianapolis Colts and his young replacement, quarterback Andrew Luck, on Sept. 7. With the NFL Network adding eight games to its schedule, there will be more night games than ever this season. The Broncos-Colts opener on Sunday Night Football is followed by San Francisco 49ers' first game in their new Levi's Stadium on Sept. 14 against the Chicago Bears. Yahoo! Wed, Apr 23
2014 NFL schedule: Steelers, Cowboys, Colts dominate lineup on Sunday and Monday night (Shutdown Corner) ( yesterday ) Courtesy of
The NFL has a lot of television network partners to keep happy, and that job got more difficult when CBS was given a package of Thursday night games this season. The league for years used "Monday Night Football" to show its highlight game each week, but when NBC landed "Sunday Night Football" and ESPN went to Monday night, the league puts its best games on Sunday night. This year NFL needs to make sure CBS and FOX were happy with their regular Sunday schedules, give CBS some good games for Thursday night, and still make "Sunday Night Football" and "Monday Night Football" must-watch events. That's not easy. [Click here to see the full 2014 NFL schedule] The NFL placated NBC and ESPN this week, a day before the schedule was released. ESPN was given a wild-card playoff game. A divisional playoff game was added to NBC's schedule through 2022. That move made it seem like the Monday and Sunday night schedule in 2014 might be watered down a bit. Shutdown Corner's Anwar Richardson and Frank Schwab will take a look at the Sunday and Monday night games, week by week, and see how entertaining the prime-time schedule will be this season: WEEK 1 Sunday: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Monday: N.Y. Giants at Detroit Lions; San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Frank’s take: Very nice Sunday night game. The Giants have improved and the Lions are entertaining. I wouldn't have thought this a year ago, but Chargers-Cardinals isn't bad at all for the second part of the doubleheader. Anwar’s take: NFL fans have been craving football for months. It really does not matter what games are rolled out on in Week 1. We will watch every minute of each game. Verdict: Stay up, call in sick on Monday ... and then again on Tuesday. WEEK 2 Sunday: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers Monday: Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts Frank’s take:  That Sunday game is interesting; pretty good test for Marc Trestman's Bears offense. And two up-and-coming teams on Monday night. Two thumbs up. Anwar’s take: Nick Foles vs. Andrew Luck? First team to 50 points wins. Do not go to bed early. Verdict: The boss may be getting upset, but it's time to call in sick on Monday and Tuesday again because you're staying up late for these games. WEEK 3 Sunday: Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers Monday: Chicago Bears at N.J. Jets Frank’s take:  Always fun to watch Cam Newton. Not as fun to watch Geno Smith. Anwar’s take: Make sure you soak up all of the offense in Week 2 because these matchups are all about defense. First team to 21 points wins. Verdict: Catch up on your sleep, get to work early, assuming you still have that job. Yahoo! Wed, Apr 23
Super Bowl champ Seahawks in NFL opener (AFP) ( yesterday ) Courtesy of
New York (AFP) - The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers will kick off the 2014 National Football League's regular season, the league announced. Yahoo! Wed, Apr 23
2014 NFL schedule release day awards show (Shutdown Corner) ( yesterday ) Courtesy of
Now that the games have been slotted into dates and the 2014 NFL schedule is set, it's time for superlatives. What's the best game among the 256 regular-season games? What's the worst? What are the best and worst weeks of action? Who won schedule release day? Glad you asked. Here are the awards from the release of the NFL schedule on Wednesday night: Best game: With all due respect to Seattle and San Francisco, we're not getting too many more Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning games, and there's one scheduled for Foxborough on Nov. 2. And it's not just the novelty of the two greatest quarterbacks of their generation facing off again; their teams might be the two best in the AFC. That was the case last season, and then the Broncos went on an offseason shopping spree and the Patriots added the best player to switch teams this offseason, cornerback Darrelle Revis. The regular-season game last year between the two teams was entertaining. This one should be too. [Click here to see the full 2014 NFL schedule] Best game, part two ... and three: Fine, we're not leaving off San Francisco vs. Seattle. The NFC West rivals are arguably the two best teams in football. The NFC championship game last year was an absolute classic. And we'll see if we get some fisticuffs between Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree. The fact that the first meeting is on Thanksgiving almost got that one top billing over Brady-Manning. The teams meet again in Week 15, and if they're both as good as we think they are, there will be enormous playoff implications on the line. Best ... whatever, we're just adding four and five to the list of top games: Denver, Seattle and San Francisco might be the three best teams in the NFL coming into the season (yeah, New England, we see you too). Because the AFC West matches up with the NFC West this year, we get to see the Broncos against the great defenses of Seattle and San Francisco. Complain as you might that Denver can't compete with Seattle, the rematch on Sept. 21 should be better thank the Super Bowl. Keep in mind that Denver should have Ryan Clady, Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, T.J. Ward, Emmanuel Sanders and Aqib Talib, and none of them played in that Super Bowl. Then the Broncos host the 49ers on "Sunday Night Football" Oct. 19, and it'll be fun watching Manning against that defense too.  Worst game: Cleveland at Buffalo, Nov. 30. Well, something has to rank 256th out of 256. However, this game moves up from the bottom spot if the Browns land quarterback Johnny Manziel in the draft, because whatever team Manziel plays for will be must-watch football every week.  Yahoo! Wed, Apr 23
2014 NFL schedule: What are the best games each week of the season? (Shutdown Corner) ( yesterday ) Courtesy of
People get jacked for the release of the NFL schedule. So do we. And though lots will change — even before we get to training camp — there are some definite must-see games on the schedule. Our challenge? Narrowing it down to one key one per week. Here goes nothing: Week 1 Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks C'mon. It's the season opener. Even with quality games elsewhere on the schedule — including Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos hosting his former team, the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night — you can't go away from this one. Props to the NFL for pitting the Seahawks and Packers, combatants in one of the league's most controversial games in recent seasons, and not backing down from that talk. That's a bit uncharacteristic of the league. Week 2 Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens The NFL wasn't going to give CBS, which paid a fortune for the Thursday night package, a dud game. Sure, maybe this hasn't been the epic rivalry it was, say, 4-5 years ago, but there is no love lost between these two hard-nosed clubs. There's no added or especial juice to the rivalry this time around, just your garden-variety hatred — and a solid content between two talented teams that should compete for the AFC North crown. Week 3 Broncos at Seahawks  Look, we easily could have picked DeSean Jackson and his new Washington Redskins team heading up to face his former club, the Philadelphia Eagles. But who moves the needle more than Manning and a Super Bowl rematch in Seattle? The question on everyone's minds: If it was 43-8 Seahawks on a neutral field, what will it be with the 12th Man in the house? What could make it more interesting are Denver's defensive additions, led by DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward. The Broncos will be seeking whatever revenge there is to be gotten from a regular-season game, and the Seahawks will seek to pummel them once again. Fun stuff. Week 4 Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears A rematch of the NFC North-deciding game in Week 17 at Soldier Field, but Bears-Packers always carries special weight. Both teams will be in the running for a division crown once more, and there's an interesting plot twist to the rivalry: Julius Peppers, once a plum free-agent signing of the Bears, now comes in as a visiting member of the Packers. But it's a loaded week, with a slate that includes Steve Smith's Ravens facing his former Carolina Panthers team in Baltimore, an excellent matchup fo the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles and several other quality matchups. Week 5 Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers In something of a blah week on paper, we think Alex Smith's return to San Francisco is an interesting story. With talk of the Chiefs wanting to extend Smith long term, and Colin Kaepernick perhaps a year from hitting the market, it stirs up talk of Jim Harbaugh's decision to trade Smith for a pair of draft picks, including a second-rounder in a few weeks. Smith flourished his first season in K.C., and Kaepernick almost led the 49ers to a second straight Super Bowl. Beyond that, this should be a solid game of teams that won 11 and 12 games, respectively, a year ago. Yahoo! Wed, Apr 23
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