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Full health: Entire Seattle roster participates in practice (The Associated Press) ( today ) Courtesy of
All-Pros Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman were full participants as the Seattle Seahawks held their first full Super Bowl practice of the week. Seattle's entire 53-man roster took park in Wednesday's practice at Arizona State University. Thomas dislocated a shoulder in the NFC championship game win over Green Bay and sat out two days of practice last week. Thomas was limited in Seattle's last practice before leaving for Arizona. Yahoo! Wed, Jan 28
Packers coach says team will learn from wrenching loss (The Associated Press) ( today ) Courtesy of
Mike McCarthy promised Wednesday to evaluate, make changes and learn from his team's gut-wrenching NFC Championship game loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The Green Bay Packers coach also delivered another promise. Assistant coaches are off this week, and if McCarthy does plan on making changes - after two major special-teams gaffes contributed significantly to the season-ending loss, special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum's job security could be tenuous - he will do so after meeting with coaches starting next week. We'll look at every job description, every job responsibility, performance - mine included - and we'll look to make changes.'' Among the mistakes the Packers made while squandering a 16-0 halftime lead: A 19-yard third-quarter touchdown pass by Seahawks holder Jon Ryan to tackle Garry Gilliam on a fake field goal for Seattle's first points of the game, and tight end Brandon Bostick ignoring his assignment to block on a Seattle onside kick with just over 2 minutes left in regulation. Yahoo! Wed, Jan 28
Patriots expect to have 'hands full' with Seattle defense (Reuters) ( today ) Courtesy of
By Frank Pingue PHOENIX (Reuters) - The New England Patriots may have one of the NFL's most potent offenses but they expect to have their hands full in Sunday's Super Bowl when they face a suffocating Seattle Seahawks defense that is second to none. New England put up a whopping 45 points during their AFC championship game earlier this month but one would be hard-pressed to find any member the team expecting a similar output in the NFL's championship game. "We're going to have our hands full trying to move the ball and score points against them, as everybody else does," said Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. They're good." At the heart of Seattle's "Legion of Boom" defense is safety Kam Chancellor and Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman, who have caused fits for their opponents all season long. Yahoo! Wed, Jan 28
Could this be Marshawn Lynch's final game in Seattle? Seahawks hope not (Shutdown Corner) ( today ) Courtesy of
PHOENIX — Forget a moment about Marshawn Lynch talking or not talking. What about him walking? The very real possibility exists that Sunday could be Lynch's final game with the Seattle Seahawks if the team opts not to bring him back. There are two halves to this equation: One, the Seahawks might be in a financial bind, having handed out several contract extensions this season and still needing to save up for paying Russell Wilson and Byron Maxwell (whom the team has deemed to be a priority in re-signing). Can they also keep Lynch, who is currently set to hit on the salary cap for $7.5 million next season. The other half is Lynch. Does he want to be back? The way his Seahawks teammates gush about him as a friend and locker-room figure, you'd think the answer would be yes. But there have been reports over the course of the past year that he remains unhappy with his contract situation, even after receiving a $1 million bump following an eight-day holdout in training camp last year. The Seahawks also appear to be in decent shape to replace him with young running backs Robert Turbin and Christine Michael, who come much cheaper. But can the Seahawks even picture life after Lynch? "I don't want to imagine it," Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said. "He's a huge part of us. He's our identity. He helps us with creating the identity that we want to put out there. "To be able to be a run-first team, the physical nature he brings, the extra effort, the clawing and scratching, the running people over, coming out of the back side of it ... that gets you going as an offense and he gives you more confidence." Head coach Pete Carroll has gone on the record to say that he wants Lynch back in 2015. But what else is he going to say? Lynch, who turns 29 the week before the NFL draft, still appears to have a lot of tread on his tires despite a heavy workload and reaching the dreaded age where most backs tend to tail off — especially those, what few there are, who are as physical as he is. "Marshawn's a very tenacious runner, and when he gets that ball in his hands you really don't know what he's going to do or how hard he's going to run," Seahawks left tackle Russell Okung said. "You see a guy like that, you want to fight for him every time you get."  How much is there left in Lynch's proverbial tank? “I don’t know exactly how to answer that," Bevell said. "I know that he’s playing at a very high level right now. The way it looks, he still has a couple more years left in him, but I think that’s all on him. We know how he is and how he can be, so it could be that one day he just says, ‘No, I’m done’. "But definitely his body is still holding up as well as you could ask.” The Seahawks reduced Lynch's workload this season — from 301 carries to 280, and from 37 catches to 36 — and yet he actually improved over his 2013 totals this season, with 1,306 yards rushing (up from 1,257) and 367 receiving (up from 313) in 2014. Lynch has remained strong down the stretch, too, scoring six touchdowns in his past five games (including playoffs) and carrying the Seahawks' offense on his back in the NFC championship victory over the Green Bay Packers (183 yards from scrimmage, and the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter) when all else was failing around him. "He is just pounding the rock," Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin said. "I think he wears down his opponents by doing what he does. Sometimes it is early and sometimes it is late. I think last game [against the Packers] was indicative of that. He was pounding the rock and giving everything he has. Suddenly there defense starts to wear down. Those three-yard runs that he had earlier in the game, they start becoming six- to eight- to 15-yard runs. That is just what we do on offense.” Seahawks GM John Schneider was asked about Lynch's physical style — and the toll it might take on his body, and how that factors into the team's decision this offseason. "I think that's a great question," he said. "I'm not comfortable answering it. Because his run style is … he just takes great care of himself. Down in San Francisco he works out hard. Every time he goes away and we haven't seen him for a while, he comes back looking quicker than he was before. I have no idea — I think the sky is the limit really." But Lynch also has had some odd moments this season on the field, including a bizarre scene in the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs where Lynch was receiving treatment on the sideline during halftime while his teammates were in the locker room. Lynch played in but did not start two games — Week 5 against the Washington Redskins and Week 16 against the Arizona Cardinals. In the first game, Lynch's balky back tightened up, and yet he still finished with 117 yards from scrimmage and a tremendous touchdown receptions. Against the Cardinals, Lynch suffered an upset stomach — though was seen eating his typical pregame Skittles victuals on the sideline — but managed to make the most of his 10 rush attempts: 113 yards and two scores, including his "BeastQuake 2.0" 79-yard touchdown run to shift the division title back in Seattle's favor. Are the Seahawks — even with the age, the salary and the injury concerns — really ready to cut him in the offseason? Schneider was a bit vague and non-commital on the issue, even while acknowledging Lynch's value to the Seahawks and saying " you would be hard-pressed to find a better running back in the National Football League." "He's one of the most competitive individuals I've ever been around," Schneider said. "The way we managed [the brief holdout] was we just accept it. You can never get into a person's heart or in their mind, you just have to adjust to what's happening. Whether he was going to show up or not show up we had to be able to move forward. We wanted him to show up. "Same thing — we hope he's playing next year and he is going to attack it like he always is. His teammates love him. He's a fun jovial guy in the locker room. We want him around." There's little doubt about that last part. “He’s a great teammate," safety Kam Chancellor said. "He’s fun, he’s active, and he’s hilarious. He has great advice. If you are in need of advice or are ever going through something, you can go to Marshawn and talk to him. He’ll give it to you straight, clean cut. It’s going to be real and some great advice.” "Marshawn is an extraordinary character," Carroll said. "He is the most giving, the most loyal, one of the great teammates that you can want on a team because of the way he takes care and looks after people. He’s got a remarkable sense about that. His sense for loyalty runs extraordinarily deep, and his teammates know that.” And when his teammates need him most on the field, Lynch almost always seems to deliver. "He's the man," Okung said. "I would say he's what makes us who we are. We know when that ball's in his hand he's not playing [around]. He's going to do what it takes to really get all those yards, and every yard is going to matter." Even if we have to consider that whatever yards he gains on Sunday could be his last. As strange as that is to think about. - - - - - - - Eric Edholm is a writer for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at edholm@yahoo-inc.com or follow him on Twitter! Follow @Eric_Edholm Yahoo! Wed, Jan 28
Brett Favre: 'Why would I have hard feelings for Aaron Rodgers?' (Shutdown Corner) ( today ) Courtesy of
Brett Favre had a responsibility when Aaron Rodgers was his backup on the Green Bay Packers, and it wasn’t to get Rodgers ready to take his job. The Favre-Rodgers relationship is a story that won’t die, but that happens when one Hall of Famer is backing up another. It happened with Joe Montana and Steve Young too. Favre famously said it wasn’t his job to get Rodgers ready to play, and years into retirement that stance hasn’t changed, as he said in an interview with InDepth’s Graham Bensinger. But he thinks the entire situation, and his relationship with Rodgers, has been overblown. His acrimonious departure from Green Bay probably didn’t help with the perception. “Aaron and I, we don’t talk all the time but I don’t talk all the time with family members,” Favre told Bensinger in a wide-ranging interview. “It has nothing to do with him being the starting quarterback of Green Bay in spite of what people may think. “I got no hard feelings. Why would I have hard feelings for Aaron Rodgers and why would he have hard feelings for me?” His attitude on his role as a mentor for Rodgers when he was in Green Bay is pretty simple, and it makes sense. He already had one pretty tough job for the Packers. “ I think as a starter my job is hard enough to win ball games and be a leader,” Favre said. “You’re not a babysitter. And I’m not, by no means talking about Aaron, but he’s the starter now. So the next quarterback comes in, whether he is a first-round pick or third-round pick or free agent, but they like him. Nowhere does it say that you have to take that guy under your wing and teach him the ropes. You don’t have to do anything but win ball games for whoever it is you are the starting quarterback for. Ultimately, that’s what keeps you around or doesn’t.” After his split with the Packers and a year with the New York Jets, Favre went to Minnesota and almost made a Super Bowl. Rodgers did make a Super Bowl and won it, at the end of the 2010 season. Many jokes were and continue to be made over Favre’s retirement waffling, but he said he has no regrets about coming back for his final season . After just missing on the Super Bowl he wanted to give it another shot. “ You know what people would have said, ‘Had you come back we’d have done it. We’d have gone, you know, we’d have gone to the Super Bowl,’ and I would have wondered ‘what if?’ ” Favre said. “Well, by going back, yeah it was not a good year, you know, we didn’t even have a winning record, but by going back there is no 'what if?' I will never have that looming, so I’m glad I went back.” It became obvious that final season that he’d had enough. Injuries started to mount. He had a broken foot. He suffered a deep cut on his chin, which was the first time he had ever been cut like that in a game. “ For 19 years, I don’t want to say I liked getting hit, but really didn’t bother me a whole lot,” Favre said. “In fact, I kind of thrived on it. Like, ‘Oh yeah? That’s all you’ve got?’ Well, the last year was like, ‘I didn’t like that.’ ” Then came a concussion, when he was shoved down and hit his head on a frozen field against the Bears. Favre said he was snoring when the Vikings athletic trainer got to him. “A couple of Bears, [Brian] Urlacher and Lance Briggs and a few of those guys were clapping and I said ‘What are they doing here?’ ” Favre said. He said he took a step toward the Bears sideline, was straightened out, and when he got to the Vikings sideline he said he wanted to go to the locker room. Then he practically ended a 20-year career, one of the greatest careers in NFL history, in a humorously abrupt way. “Went right in and took a shower, put my street clothes on, got a jacket, hot chocolate and chili dog and I never looked back,” Favre told Bensinger. “Never missed it since.”   - - - - - - - Frank Schwab is the editor of Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at shutdowncorner@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter! Follow @YahooSchwab Yahoo! Wed, Jan 28
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